Surveillance & Intelligence

Surveillance missions

Surveillance and protection of borders

Police operations, illegal immigration, terrorism, trafficking by combining on our aircraft data capture and processing technologies that allow us to optimize the means (real-time data transfer) for enhanced border security.

Maritime space

Coast guard, fight against illegal fishing, piracy, detection of marine pollution by hydrocarbons, ensuring the safety and exploitation of the wealth of the maritime domain, scientific studies of marine cultures, hydrography. Inspection of industrial infrastructures at sea, detection of mines and exploration of marine resources, aerial oceanography…

Operator of
vital infrastructures

Inspection of engineering structures and networks. Surveillance of infrastructures: oil and gas pipelines, power line network, nuclear power plants…


Prevention / detection and management of forest fires, monitoring of pollutant emissions from ships, energy efficiency metrology in the tertiary sector, 2D/3D serial mapping, topographic terrain surveys (DTM, DEM, RTK surveys, etc.), contour lines, real-time gas analysis (air sampling), survey and identification of ecosystems: flora and fauna, monitoring of events related to natural or industrial disasters, environmental emergency services, etc.