Big Data in aerial observation

Big Data in aerial observation

Big Data is a set of data flows that circulates very quickly (data velocity) and generates large volumes to manage. These data come from different sources and materialize in different forms (data variety).

This combination of factors makes it extremely difficult to analyze and process data live. Nevertheless, such an ability to make data “speak” immediately is like a toolbox that facilitates the implementation of substantive issues in various sectors (maritime sector, energy sector, sustainable development…) but also many industries such as research, crisis management assistance, etc.

For example, Big Data in aeronautics is seen as a set of innovative data processing technologies that can be used to imagine new business uses (forest fire management, border security, anti-poaching, surveillance of sensitive sites, etc.).

A leading player

I-SEE airborne observatory wants to become a major player in Big Data in the field of aerial observation. Our company will give the possibility to our customers to identify, to analyze and to correlate data allowing to treat the totality of the information, in a scientific way, to make the results viable.

In this context, often described as a new industrial revolution, our company I-SEE airborne observatory allows its customers to adapt to changing contexts, to move from one unstable model to another, to anticipate and adapt, to be ahead of the game and to be able to do so only when the methods, organizations and tools allow it.


Data enhancement

The valorization of data is at the heart of this new paradigm and allows to create a closer link between the business and the technique. It goes without saying that these technologies and uses are breaking new ground: data must be shared and exchanged to release value, which is essential for understanding new phenomena.

The digital transformation we are undergoing will facilitate a coherent set of revisited processes supported by new applications that will enable us to implement preventive and corrective management of the businesses we support.