Aerial observation platform

Aerodynamics & manoeuvrability

The flight behaviour of this aerial platform (IC-10 and IC-D) reflects its outstanding aerodynamics: easy handling, good manoeuvrability of the aircraft with high flight control precision and a manoeuvrability worthy of a combat aircraft.

A high wing loading (125kg/m2) provides the crew with a high level of comfort in all weather conditions.


The future of light aviation

Our aerial platform combines unrivalled performance, optimisation of use and cost control and is now the vector of the future (aircraft and UAS) for light air operations.

Designed as a scalable multi-mission platform, this air vehicle (IC-10 & IC-D) carries the most powerful professional systems for light aviation.


Plug & Play innovation

Thanks to its numerous “plug & play” systems, our aircraft (aircraft & UAV) can be adapted to the needs of missions and can be fully reconfigured and operational in less than an hour.

These technical innovations ensure the platform’s power-to-weight ratio by allowing a 250kg payload to be carried in complete safety.


A technological lead resulting from a combination of three factors

A modular
aerial platforme

Aircraft / Drone
with operational efficiency
and optimization of use
for a reconfiguration
in less than 1 hour


(sensors and cameras)
of the latest generation
to carry out data collection
and surveillance missions

and restitution

Processing and restitution of data optimized by AI for near-real time exploitation and optimization of actions to be taken