Airborne vehicles

IC-10 / IC-D / IC- VTOL

I-SEE airborne observatory has a wide range of airborne vehicles.
The company masters the most recent composite technologies, for high added value engineering solutions.

IC-10 Aircraft

The IC-10 is designed as a scalable multi-mission aerial platform (two-seater or single-seater); the IC-10 can carry avionics and many types of sensors. Thanks to its “plug & play” systems, the IC-10 adapts to different operational needs and can be quickly reconfigured according to the mission.
Versatile, it can carry optronic balls (day/night), various sensors, and different types of options.

Technical characteristics

IC-D Drone

This UAS is the ISR drone version (MAME or MALE) of our catalog. Scalable and multi-sensors, it can be quickly reconfigured according to the missions. Easily transportable (KC20), it offers great flexibility to the user. It has the same visual, audio and IR signature characteristics as the IC-10 version.

Its competitive price makes it possible to acquire a fleet that meets the permanent need for tactical situation awareness.

Technical characteristics


Drone powered by a light turbine developing 6kW.
Equipped with coaxial and counter-rotating rotors that give it a very small footprint, the IC-V offers a low vibration level, insensitivity to temperature and altitude.
An optronic radio turret, controlled and stabilized on 3 axes, makes this drone a very easy and comfortable to handle surveillance or shooting device.
Finally, the IC-V can also carry various detectors (gas, radioactive elements, infrared radiation, etc.)
The aircraft has an autonomy of 90 minutes with a payload of 15kg, for a range of 40 kilometers.

Techniques characteristics
of the airbornes (IC-10 & IC-D)

• Innovative : Self-supporting fuselage and wing profile identical to that of a glider
• Optimized drag/lift ratio: low fuel consumption combined with unequalled performance
• Aircraft versatility
• Know-how in the integration and development of customized systems
• OPV (Optionally Piloted Version) of our air vehicles to allow insertion into general air traffic and use of the UAV in dedicated areas
• Wide speed range: 400 km/h for rapid deployment, 120 km/h in low speed to maximize surveillance time
• Operational projection capability

• Length: 5.85m (16.7 ft.)
• Height: 2.3m (7.55 ft)
• Wingspan: 8m (26.2 ft.)
• Maximum weight: 650kg
• Endurance in operational conditions: up to 17 h.
• Take-off distance: 250m
• Landing distance: 450m
• VNE (Sp): 211 kts
• VNO (Sp): 174kts
• 100% CARBON
• Payload: 250kg

• ROTAX 912 IS (100 Hp)
• ROTAX 915 IS (141 Hp)