Aerial observation and artificial intelligence for sustainable development

Aerial observation and artificial intelligence for sustainable development

Between technological innovation, cost control and the fight against climate change, aerial observation can greatly contribute to improving our knowledge in order to face tomorrow’s energy and environmental challenges.

Aerial observation and modelling coupled with AI allow a better understanding of climate change and its impacts on the environment and society. The challenge is to mobilize the means of observation, modeling and analysis of data collected by efficient aerial vectors (airplanes and drones) to establish scalable operating models and thus manage the data to obtain tangible results for climate action.

Monitor & protect

Currently, we rely on climate models to understand how climate change will affect different regions in the future. By improving these models with “neural networks”, which are able to establish relationships between multiple variables, it will be possible to better understand and represent processes from the data. Machine Learning could allow us to better understand the future challenges we may face in the coming years.
I-SEE airborne observatory seeks to capture a significant amount of scientific data to improve our understanding and analysis of impacts by providing turnkey solutions in targeted areas (aerial thermography, international scientific survey and counting campaigns, the fight against illegal unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU), etc.).

Our response

As an example, I-SEE airborne observatory has developed an innovative, effective and versatile response to fight against forest fires.

The whole world has witnessed in recent years the devastating consequences of forest fires (Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Thailand, US, etc.) which destroy entire ecosystems and for which it becomes imperative to take emergency measures.

Human activities are responsible for 75% of forest fires in the world.

The solution developed by I-SEE is a cost-effective solution that perfectly meets the modern challenges of fighting forest fires. It is based on a real-time aerial observation platform which, coupled with artificial intelligence (AI), provides the operational center with the key elements of a real-time firefighting plan to act on 3 levels: prevention, detection and crisis management. This allows to optimize the combination of available resources to stop or control fires in the shortest possible time.